The mission of the Foundation is to promote services that enable older adults to live in the community with independence and dignity through a variety of means to address unmet needs and through increasing society’s awareness to influence public policy.

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2017 – 2020 Strategic Goals

Provide Leadership in the Field of Aging

Expand Public Awareness of Aging Issues

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Two Year Report 2014-2015

NJFA Board of Trustees

Mark Tabakman, Chair

Andrea Lubin, Vice Chair

Susan Bredehoft, Treasurer

Bruce Davidson

Michele Kent

Steve Leone

Nancy Lewin

John Mostello

William O’Donnell

Joshua Raymond

Celeste Roberts

Vikranta Sharma

Charisse Smith

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NJFA 2011 One-Year Report

NJFA 2009-2010 Two-Year Report

NJFA 2008 Ten-Year Report – 10 Years and Moving Forward