The mission of the New Jersey Foundation for Aging is to promote policies and services that enable older adults to live in their communities with independence and dignity. Grantmaking through NJFA’s Community Grant Program is one strategy to address the changing needs of seniors and caregivers in NJ.


NJFA Community Grant Program RFP 2017 Application Process

NJFA is pleased to announce that we are releasing an RFP for funding to be provided in 2018. We are currently accepting Letters of Intent. Please click here for the full application details.

Letters of Intent are due by Nov. 15, 2017



To be placed on the list, email us with the subject “RFP list” at [email protected]


The Community Grant Program began in the year 2000 and over its history has provided more than 44 grants to programs throughout the state of New Jersey.  Non-profit organizations in local communities are invited to participate in the grant application process through a open, competitive Request for Proposals process.  The Community Grant Program provides support to programs which are considered innovative in meeting the needs of older persons or inspiring older persons in local communities.  Innovation is defined as a new program or new growth of an existing program. Examples may include a new service designed to address an existing issue, a new model of delivering services, or a new intervention for a newly identified problem.  Here the definition is broad as innovation in one community of New Jersey may differ from another community.


Interfaith Caregivers of Greater Mercer

The Interfaith Caregivers of Greater Mercer started an initiative to create more volunteer drivers to take Mercer County residents to appointments and activities. They work on a network of volunteers through local churches and were in need of outreach to several communities in the area where there was a low number of volunteers.

Throughout 2013, Interfaith Caregivers engaged new congregations in the target area and re-energized other congregations in the neighboring communities to assist new seniors and current care receivers in that area with transportation services. 

Our goal is to have a strong, nearly self-sustaining new volunteer group in one of our underserved areas led by at least two new group leaders. By doing so, we will provide necessary transportation services to older people who are currently reaching out to us in need.” – Jane Latini,  Executive Director, Interfaith Caregivers of Greater Mercer


New Jersey Area Agencies on Aging (NJ4A) – ACT for NJ
(Advisory Councils Together for New Jersey)

ACT for NJ (Advisory Councils Together for New Jersey) is made up of three regional groups representing the Northern, Central and Southern parts of New Jersey; each region representing seven counties. With this grant the groups mobilized their energies to work on the following issues: 

    • Reauthorization of the Older Americans Act 
    • Impact of Sequestration
    • Elder Economic Security Indexes
    • Transition to Managed Care and Medicaid Reform


(Social Center Activities Network)

The Social Center Activities Network (SCAN) implemented a financial planning educational series for older women in Monmouth and Ocean Counties. The training curriculum is offered through SCAN’s educational catalog.  It is  based on the  replicable model from Wiser Women and the materials include the changes in the economy that are effecting everyone, especially older women SCAN incorporated the latest information released from the Elder Economic Security Index in the training.